Impacts of Neo-realism

One notable aspect about the neorealist filmmakers was that they were able to adopt a critical view of Italian society. They also focused their attention on the social problems afflicting the Italian society. Some of the social problems included post war poverty and unemployment. One contemporary filmmaker who appears to have borrowed heavily from the concept of neorealism is Satyajit Ray, a Bollywood star. His 1947 film, Pather Panchali, is neo-realist in its implications because it occurred not long after the Second World War when neo-realism was common in most of Europe. Some of the notable works after the period between 1943 and 1945 were by filmmakers such as Roberto Rossellini, Vittorio De Sica, and Luchino Visconti. In addition, there was considerable input from former detainees of the Fascist regime. These former detainees were able to combine the desire for cinematic realism with the prevailing political, social, and economic themes.

The period between 1943 and 1945 is an important era in the history of Italian cinema. During this period, the concept of neorealism became prominent in the cinematic landscape of Italy. In addition, neorealism has resulted in significant impacts, not only on the Italian film industry, but also on movies in different parts of the world.  The emergence of neorealism occurred in the early 1940s after the deposition of the Mussolini’s Fascist regime near the end of the Second World War. During this time, international audience and filmmakers developed a significant interest in the Italian film landscape

Neorealistic actors preferred shooting their films in locations other than studio. In addition, they wanted their photography to have the grainy aspect, which is prevalent in most documentary films or newsreel. The idea of shooting films in location resulted from the unavailability of studio facilities during and immediately after the war. In addition, the filmmakers wanted to demonstrate to the world what was happening in the Italian countryside during the war. They felt that a studio environment was not an ideal way of creating awareness of the prevailing social problems in post-war Italy. In the film, Pather Panchali, Satyajit Ray injects the concept of neorealism by incorporating realistic scenes. Evidently, the film’s lack of the usual artificial sceneries that are common in Bollywood movies is a strong indication that the filmmaker has benefited greatly from his visit to Italy in the 1950s.


Risk Management

Risk Management

For every emergency assistance and recovery from a disaster, various bodies provide the required response. The Stafford act and presidential declaration are examples of such responses. Consequently, the act authorizes the delivery of technical, financial, logistical, and other forms of assistance to regions and localities during an occurrence of major disasters or emergencies. The presidential declaration, an incident of disaster, comes in two forms; emergency declarations and major disaster declarations. The president has the power to declare an emergency for any instance that affects a nation if he or she determines that there is a requirement of federal assistance. The local and state governments have the responsibility for protecting their citizens from an occurrence of disaster. Apart from offering the necessary protection, they assist citizens to recover from disasters through strategies such as relocation or financial aid. However, some disasters may be beyond the capabilities of the state and the local government.

Both Stafford Act and presidential declaration are useful in the scheme of responding to local disasters. After an occurrence of an emergency, the act responds by providing a framework for initial response and then collaborates with the affected states to perform a joint preliminary damage assessment. In addition, a presidential declaration under the Stafford Act makes it possible for the affected citizens to access disaster relief assistance. An example of a declaration that was useful to the citizens was the 2001 Pentagon terrorist attack and the 1995 bombing of the Murrah Federal Building. Federal emergency recovery programs have been overused by the states. The reason is that they are required to distribute aid to individuals, state, and the local governments after natural disasters. Due to this, some of its response to major disasters has been slow, disorganized, and wasteful. Because of the magnitude of catastrophic events following a major disaster, the program is not adequate for providing recovery.




How Politics Caused war in Syria?

Politics in Syria is the only cause behind the war that has been going on for years. Everyone would be aware of the conflicts going on in Syria and how everything in there is destroyed to scratch. There is nothing left in there, and they are not letting children live. Now and then there are firings and bombarding in several areas in there. Syria is on the top list when it comes to the in-state conflicts, and this conflict between the politicians and people of Syria seems to have no end.

How did the War Start?

There were conflicts between the state and people for the unemployment and all human rights in Syria. It was 2000, and lack of political freedom under the rule of President Bashar al-Assad who was the son of Hafez succeeded the president of Syria.

In 2011, the president President Bashar al-Assad took the forces out and attacked harshly onto the people. It creates a major conflict, and from then the war is still going on, and more than a million people are dead now in the war.  And many of these people have shifted to the neighbouring countries and to many another European countries to get out of the war.

How many people have died in the war?

According to the human rights Observatory, it is noted that there are over 353,900 people that have died in this war. This includes over 100,000 civilians and many other people. It is said that more than 100,000 deaths haven’t been documented and over 50,000 people are still presumed to be missing or something else.

The deaths in this area are getting hype, and these politicians are doing it all for themselves. There are many of them that are doing the same things in such countries. Syria on the outbreak of being a scrap in coming years and it can be seen on the map, there is a satellite view showing how the building in the area get destroyed.

Who is Involved in this War?

The countries involved in this war are many, and they have to. This war is causing too much to the nation, and there is a need to handle it before it gets out of our hand. It can end up destroying everyone. So the countries are –

  • Russia – Russia has been supporting the president President Bashar al-Assad from 2015, and now they have their own camp in there.
  • Iran – is said to have given a million dollars and a huge army troop to help Mr. Assad and fight against terrorism.
  • The US, UK, and France are also helping the president to fight against the terrorism, but still, so many innocent people have been dying.
  • Turkey – has a long supported to the country Syria.
  • Saudi Arabia – has been giving it all to the rebels as they have been supporting Iran’s from years and provided it all to the militants.

All these country and politics have been playing a part in the war, and this is how the whole politics have caused this never-ending war in Syria.